How to Download a YouTube Transcript

2023-03-066 mins

As the demand for accessible and convenient content rises, the need for YouTube transcripts has become more pressing. From students looking to study a video lecture to content creators seeking to optimize their videos for search engines, downloading YouTube transcripts can be helpful.

With many options available, choosing the best method for downloading transcripts that suits your needs can be overwhelming. This comprehensive guide will explore a range of practical techniques to download YouTube transcripts.

From utilizing YouTube's transcription tool to using Notta's AI-generated text, this guide will provide step-by-step instructions and helpful tips to simplify downloading YouTube transcripts. 

Different Ways to Transcribe YouTube Videos: A Comprehensive Comparison

There are several different methods for transcribing YouTube videos, each with strengths and weaknesses. The best approach will depend on your specific needs and preferences, the device, and the video language you wish to transcribe. Here are some popular methods for transcribing YouTube videos:

Tool 1:


Supported OS:

Web, chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Best for:

Quick, accurate and collaborative transcription


Basic level: Free
Pro Level: $8.25/ month
Business: $54/month
Enterprise: Custom

Tool 2:

YouTube Transcription Tool

Supported OS:

Mac, Windows, iOS, Android

Best for:

Generating captions for short YouTube videos



Tool 3:

Google Docs

Supported OS:

Mac, Windows

Best for:

Basic level transcription




Notta is an AI-powered transcription tool that can automatically transcribe YouTube videos in real time. This tool is available on Windows and Mac operating systems and can transcribe videos in various languages.

Notta can benefit many people, including content creators, journalists, researchers, and anyone looking to transcribe audio or video files. The app is handy for individuals who frequently work with video content and must create accurate transcriptions quickly and efficiently.

The tool is free for up to 120 minutes, with paid plans available for longer transcriptions.

YouTube's Transcription Tool

YouTube's built-in transcription tool allows users to create subtitles for their videos. It automatically syncs the audio and video and produces a basic transcript.

However, the transcription accuracy can vary. The tool is free and available on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

YouTube's transcription tool is best for users who need a quick and easy solution for generating captions for their YouTube videos. It benefits content creators who want to reach a wider audience by making their videos accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a popular word-processing software that can also aid in transcribing YouTube videos. It transcribes videos in real-time, but the accuracy is generally lower than dedicated transcription tools or software.

However, Google Docs can still be helpful for specific users who require a basic level of transcription accuracy and are already familiar with the platform. It may be handy for individuals already using Google Drive for other purposes and wish to keep all their files in one place.

Google Docs is also a good option for users who need to transcribe shorter videos or audio clips. Dedicated transcription tools or software may be better for longer videos or users requiring high transcription accuracy.

Method 1. How to Create Transcription for Your Own YouTube Videos With Chrome Extension

Notta AI is a powerful tool that can generate accurate transcriptions of your YouTube videos in just a few minutes. It uses AI technology to create transcriptions for videos automatically.

With the help of its Chrome extension, users can easily create subtitles for their videos and reach a wider audience.

Here's how to create subtitles with the Notta AI-generated text Notta chrome extension:

Step 1: Install the Notta Chrome Extension


The Notta Chrome extension is a powerful tool that turns a browser tab into a quick recording and transcribing tool for all YouTube videos, podcasts, and meetings. Its dictation feature provides a fast and efficient way to download a YouTube transcript as text or SRT file with or without time codes.

The Notta AI extension is available for download on the Chrome Web Store. Search for Notta in the Chrome Web Store and click "add to Chrome." After the installation, the Notta extension will appear in the browser's top right corner in the extensions section.

Step 2: Start Transcribing Your Video


After installing the Notta Chrome Extension:

  1. Please search for the video you want to transcribe and play it.

  2. Click the Notta icon in your browser toolbar to open the Notta transcription window.

  3. Click on start recording to transcribe the audio in real-time. You can pause, rewind, and fast-forward the video as needed, and Notta will keep up with your changes.

Step 3: Edit Your Transcript


Once the transcription is complete, Notta saves the file in the user's app dashboard. Here, a user can edit the video transcript to make it more readable, add notes, highlight the speakers, or save it as a document or a pdf.

A user can also share the transcription with friends and colleagues by emailing them the link to the project page.

Step 4: Download Your Transcript


After editing, download the YouTube transcript as SRT, text, PDF, DOCX, or Excel. Click the "Export" button in the Notta transcription window and choose the preferred format. You can also decide whether to include timestamps in your transcript or download them without them.

Method 2. How to Download Transcription for Your Own YouTube Videos With Online Web

Notta provides a feature that allows users to download YouTube Video transcriptions. Follow these simple steps to download a YouTube transcript:

Step 1: Find the Video You Want to Transcribe

First, find the YouTube video that you want to transcribe. This can be any public video that you have permission to access.


Step 2: Copy the YouTube URL 


Next, copy the YouTube video URL available in the browser's address bar or by clicking the share button. If the video is private, you may have to download it.

Step 3: Go to the Notta Transcription Page


Go to the Notta transcription page and paste the YouTube video URL into the "Import Files" section to initiate the transcription. Before beginning the process, remember to set the language you want the transcription to be in. Then, click the "upload" button.

When dealing with a video file, click "Select Document" to find your video file. Upload the file you want and click "Upload." The maximum size of an uploadable video is 1 GB.

Step 4: Wait for the Transcription to Complete


Notta will now begin transcribing the YouTube video in real time. The length of time it takes to transcribe the video will depend on its size and the complexity of the audio.

Additionally, the platform offers a range of features and tools to customize a transcript, such as editing tools, formatting options, and more. With Notta, you will surely get high-quality transcripts that meet your needs.

Step 5: Download the Transcript as Text or SRT


Once the transcription is complete, edit it to ensure the text is accurate and format your file as necessary. Notta presents an option to download the YouTube transcript without time codes and one with time codes.

The download can also be a text file or an SRT file. Select the appropriate download option from the drop-down option present and save the file to your computer. To re-upload on YouTube, select the SRT file option.

Step 6: Upload the Generated Caption on YouTube

After generating your transcript, you can upload it to YouTube as captions. This will make your videos more accessible to deaf and hard-hearing viewers. It will also improve your videos' searchability. Here's how to upload your generated caption on YouTube:

  • Log in to your YouTube account.

  • Go to YouTube Studio and select the video.

  • On the left-hand menu, click on "Subtitles."

  • Click on "Add Language."

  • Choose your preferred language.

  • Click on "Upload a file."

  • Upload your transcript file.

  • Review the captions for accuracy.

  • Click on "Publish."

Notta's online web service is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it the perfect tool for creating transcripts of your YouTube videos. With its real-time transcription capabilities, you can have a complete transcript of your video in just minutes.

Plus, you can download your transcript in various formats according to your needs.


Transcribe Youtube Video to Text

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Method 3. How to Get the Transcript of YouTube Videos on Mobile

If you prefer working on the go, you'll probably want to access your YouTube transcript from your mobile device. However, getting a YouTube video transcript while using a mobile device can be challenging. Fortunately, downloading your transcript to your phone is a simple process. Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Download the Notta app

The Notta app is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app is free to download, and it's easy to use. Download Notta directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching for "Notta."

Step 2: Sign up using your Google account 

Once you've installed the Notta app, please open it and sign in with your Google account credentials. If you don't have a Google account (like Gmail), create one before signing into the app.

Step 3: Access the Notta Dashboard

Once you've signed into Notta, you can access the dashboard. This is your home base for managing transcripts and other aspects of the app. You'll see a list of transcripts you've created with the Notta web app and Chrome extension that you can edit, update and share.

Method4. How to Download YouTube Subtitles as Text/SRT File With Its Free Feature

Another quick and easy way to create transcripts for your videos might be using YouTube's free feature. The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes.

Follow these steps to get started:

Step 1: Find a Video with Subtitles


The first step is to find a YouTube video that has subtitles. Search for a video in the search bar that has a "CC" icon to the right of the video. This icon means that there are subtitles available for that video.

Note: Not all YouTube videos have subtitles. Some only use auto-generated transcripts, which may not be accurate.

Step 2: Access the Transcriptshow


Click on the three dots on the video's right and select "show transcript" from the drop-down menu. This will open a window containing all the words spoken in that video and timestamps for each line of dialogue.

Step 3: Turn Off Timestamps (Optional)


When using a transcript for the first time, leave timestamps on to get an idea of where each line of dialogue starts and ends. However, if you're familiar with this feature, you can turn off timestamps by going back into the transcript window and clicking the three dots icon on the right. The "Toggle timestamps" selection will remove all the times from your transcript.

Step 4: Copy the Transcript


Now that you have the transcript copy it by highlighting the text from the bottom to the top using your mouse. Then right-click and click on "copy." You can now paste this text into another document or save it to your computer as a .txt file to edit later.

Method5. Effortlessly Transcribe Your YouTube Video Using Google Docs

Google Docs is a powerful and free tool that can help you transcribe YouTube videos quickly and easily. Here's how to use Google Docs to transcribe a YouTube video:

Step 1: Open Google Docs on your computer.

Step 2: Create a new document by clicking the "Blank" option.

Step 3: Start a new voice typing session. To start, click "Tools" and select "Voice typing." Alternatively, you can use "Ctrl + Shift + S" to open the voice typing tool.

Step 4: Open the YouTube video you want to transcribe in a separate window or tab.

Step 5: Play the video and ensure it is loud enough.

Step 6: Let the Google Docs recorder do the work. As you speak, Google Docs will transcribe your speech into text. You can pause and resume the voice typing tool as needed.

Step 7: After the transcription, edit the transcript to correct any errors or typos. You can also format the text to make it more readable.

Step 8: Download the transcript. To do so, click on "File" and then select "Download" and choose the format you want, such as plain text or PDF file. Using Google Docs may not be suitable if you want to download a YouTube transcript as SRT.

Following these simple steps, you can quickly transcribe a YouTube video with Google Docs. While Google Docs can be a helpful tool for transcribing YouTube videos, it has some potential disadvantages. Here are a few:

  1. Accuracy: The transcription by Google Docs may not always be accurate. The transcription accuracy can be affected by background noise, accents, and other factors.

  2. Limited formatting options: Google Docs offers fewer formatting options than transcription tools. This can make it challenging to create a transcription that is easy to read and understand.

  3. No timestamp: The transcript will not include timestamps for each line when transcribing a YouTube video in Google Docs. This can make it difficult to refer back to specific parts of the video later.

  4. No option to download YouTube Video as SRT: While Google Docs allows you to download the transcription as a text file, it doesn't offer the opportunity to download it as an SRT file. 

Related Content: What Is the Difference Between Transcripts and Subtitles?

It is easy to confuse subtitles and transcripts, but they are different. Subtitles are translations of dialogue that appear on screen during a video, while transcripts document the spoken words in written form.

Subtitles are helpful for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing or watching content in a language they may not understand. Conversely, transcripts benefit those who want to read the exact words spoken in a video.

While subtitles and transcripts may seem interchangeable, here are some critical differences to note:


  • The focus is on translating dialogue.

  • It is typically displayed onscreen in sync with the audio.

  • Subtitles convey the essence of what the speaker is saying.


  • The focus is on capturing every spoken word.

  • Transcripts provide a more comprehensive and detailed record of the spoken words.

  • Transcripts are ideal for those who need to reference specific information from a video.

Whether you are watching a video in a language you don't understand or want to review specific information, both subtitles and transcripts can be valuable tools to enhance your viewing experience.


How do I convert YouTube transcripts to text?

YouTube automatically generates a transcript for many videos. Unfortunately, they are not available as a standalone file. You can, however, use an online tool like Google Docs or a transcription tool like Notta AI to convert the transcript into readable text.

How do I download a live transcript with Notta?

Notta offers a Google Chrome extension that allows you to capture a transcript from a live YouTube video. Install the extension, Open the video, Click on the Notta AI extension at the top right of your browser, select the transcription language, and click the "Start Recording" button to start. You will find the full transcript of the live video in the Notta AI dashboard.

Can I download YouTube transcripts in languages other than English?

Yes, Notta AI allows a user to change the language of the transcript. Select the language you prefer before recording the Transcript; the result will be in your language selection.

How can I edit a downloaded YouTube transcript?

After downloading a YouTube transcript, you can edit it using any text editor or word processor, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Copy and paste the transcript into the program, make any necessary changes, and save the updated document. If you use Notta AI, you can utilize its built-in tools to make any required changes. Additionally, it offers various features, such as adding notes, highlighting sections, and sharing the transcript with your colleagues.

Are there any copyright issues associated with downloading YouTube transcripts?

As long as you are downloading the transcript for personal or educational use, there are generally no copyright issues involved. However, if you plan to use the transcript for commercial purposes or to redistribute it, you may need the copyright holder's permission.

Convert Audio/Video to Text

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Downloading YouTube transcripts is a valuable skill for anyone looking to enhance their YouTube experience. Utilizing the tools and methods outlined in this article, you can easily access accurate transcripts of your favorite videos and create transcripts for your videos.

Whether you use Notta's AI-generated text, Google Docs, or YouTube's built-in features, each method has advantages and limitations, making it essential to consider which best suits your needs.

Notta AI stands out for its ease of use, accuracy, and additional features like note-taking, highlighting, and sharing with colleagues. It simplifies the transcription process, saving valuable time and effort that you can direct toward other aspects of content creation.

So, why not use these tools and enhance your YouTube experience today? Embracing the use of Notta AI to stay ahead of the curve and ensure your content remains accessible to everyone.