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There's enough to deal with as a knowledge worker — from attending meetings and coordinating with team members to completing the assigned tasks — that you want to be sure the AI transcription tool is dealing with the rest. 

I've used a bunch of transcription tools in my time as a content creator — including Sonix — to generate transcripts of podcasts, interviews with subject matter experts, and online meetings. 

In this comprehensive Sonix transcription review, I spent time evaluating and testing the features, accuracy level, pricing and plans, and other technical details — so you know where you're investing your hard-earned money. 

What is automated transcription service is one of the popular speech-to-text transcription tools that offers a beyond-ordinary user experience. It has some basic features (like Highlight, Speaker identification, and Custom dictionary) to improve the transcription accuracy

Besides, it also has a personalized Sonix editor that lets you select from various editing, interface, and text options, such as auto-pasting while typing, auto-saving edited transcript, and smart capitalization to make the editing process an absolute breeze. 

Sonix also offers human transcription options by acting as a mediator between you and your transcriptionist, but you have to negotiate the price of these transcripts yourself. 

While it's a great tool with a high level of customization on editing options, Sonix’s pricing structure is a bit complicated and higher for beginners and individuals. 

Convert Audio to Text

The best online audio to text converter helps you to transcribe audio files to text with 98.86% accuracy.

Pricing and Plans offers three pricing and packages designed for different use cases — Standard (Pay-as-you-go), Premium, and Enterprise plans. While the Standard plan is a single-user pay-as-you-go plan, the Premium and Enterprise plans are multi-user subscription plans. Let's explain them briefly. 

Standard Plan: This pay-as-you-go model makes more sense for project-based work. You'll have to pay around $10 per hour, which lets you transcribe files in 38+ languages, speaker labeling, note taking, commenting, in-browser editor, and more. 

Premium Plan: This pricing model might be an ideal choice for more frequent transcription needs and packs some advanced collaboration tools. You'll have to pay $5 per hour in addition to $22 per user per month to upgrade from the Standard to the Premium plan. 

Enterprise Plan: Users with high-volume transcription needs who want access to advanced user controls and content analysis might use an Enterprise subscription. 

Parameters Standard (Pay-as-you-go) Premium Subscription Enterprise Subscription
Price $10 per hour $5 per hour plus $22 per user per month Contact Sales
Key Features Transcription in 38+ languages.

Word-by-word timestamps.

Custom dictionary.

In-browser translation editor.
100GB of included storage for transcripts.

API access and centralized billing.

Multiple custom dictionaries.

Customize subtitle font, size, color, position.
1TB of included storage for transcripts.

Entity detection and topic detection.

Auto-detect keywords and phrases.

Advanced admin controls.

Detailed file event tracking.
Best For Individuals with pay-as-you-go transcription needs or project-based work. Professionals with more frequent transcription needs with advanced collaboration tools. Small teams and large enterprises with high-volume transcription that need user controls and content analysis.

Note: You'll have to pay an extra charge to use services like automated translation, alignment, and burn-in subtitling — at the same rate as your transcription. 

Sonix's different pricing and plans

While offers generous features, the pricing is a bit higher compared to the other AI transcription tools. If you need a basic transcription tool, you'd find Sonix a little less wallet-friendly and more complex. 

Technical Details 

If you are planning to use the Sonix transcription tool, it's important to understand the technical details (like supported platforms, categories, and integrations) to see if it’s worth your needs. 

Supported Platforms: Sonix is a decent AI transcription tool that can be used on macOS, Windows, or other operating systems as long as you have an active, stable Internet connection. Currently, Sonix does not offer mobile apps, which means you cannot transcribe files using your smartphone. 

Categories: Sonix is a transcription tool designed to help you automatically generate transcripts with higher accuracy levels — though not 100% accurate. It is primarily designed for those looking for a highly advanced transcript tool with a high level of editing features. 

Integrations: Sonix integrates well with some third-party apps that range from web conferencing platforms (like Zoom) to video editing platforms (like Adobe Premiere). It also integrates with Google Drive, YouTube, Zapier, Dropbox, and more to improve productivity and automate workflow. 

Sonix's different integrations with third-party apps

Features and Functionality 

Sonix is a decent AI transcription tool that generates transcripts in minutes — using nothing but a media file. You can add notes, highlight any important text, or find and replace words to make editing transcripts in an absolute breeze. 

Confidence Score: One feature that makes different from its alternatives is the confidence level checker — which details how confident is about the transcript accuracy. You might use the score to figure out whether or not you need the help of the human editors to clean the transcription. 

Confidence score of Sonix transcription service

AI Summary: Sonix uses cutting-edge AI to generate a quick summary of your transcript in the form of a text, bulleted list, or even a paragraph summary. Using the 'Advanced' option, you can write a prompt and guide Sonix to create a summarized version that meets your specific needs. 

AI Summary feature of Sonix transcription service

But I found the feature only halfway decent — as you cannot generate summaries with key points, highlights, and action items (something which Notta AI Summary Generator excels at). 

Collaboration Options: Sonix allows you to highlight, edit, and then share the transcripts (through a link) with colleagues and team members. If sharing transcripts with editing permissions, you have to shell out money for a Premium or Enterprise plan. 

Collaboration and sharing features of Sonix

One of Sonix's coolest features is 'Embed' — which lets you embed the transcript across the web. Sonix generates an HTML code combining transcript audio and text, which can be copied into any blog or website's HTML. 

UI Design 

When I opened for the first time, I was greeted by a white and gray user interface with blue accents for text, elements, and icons. I spent several minutes trying to locate other features — besides the 'Upload' option — and found a Sonix tutorial (shown in the image below). 

Sonix YouTube video available on the dashboard

The YouTube video walked me through everything the app had to offer — mainly uploading files and transcribing them. After a couple of minutes, I could navigate the interface with ease. 

The AI transcription tool interface itself is — to put it simply — not highly interactive, especially for those who love to customize things. But it gets you the job done as transcribes files from Zoom, Dropbox, Google Drive, and YouTube. You can also select and upload files directly from the computer or via a video link. 

Unlike any other alternatives I've used (whether that be Notta, Happy Scribe, Rev, or,'s interface was a bit less feature-rich — but beginners would give it full marks due to its easy-to-use nature. 

Accuracy & Speed 

Sonix's automated audio transcription service has an accuracy rate of nearly 95-97% — though it may vary depending on the audio quality, background noise, slurred words, etc. That means it will need some human intervention to reach a 100% accuracy rate. I tested the Sonix transcription accuracy, and here are the results: 

Testing the transcription accuracy of Sonix

As you can see, the transcript was pretty decent but had some errors, like Sonix misinterpreting 'Viraj' as 'Biraj.' Unlike some AI tools, Sonix does not remove filler words (like um, uh, or mm) automatically. 

Sonix transcribes audio/video files with lightning-fast speed. When I transcribed a 12-minute media file, it took nearly 3 minutes to generate the transcription. 

Security & Customer Support 

Sonix is a highly secure transcription tool with an enterprise-grade security level, which means the transcripts and media files remain safe. You can also enable two-factor authentication to improve the account's safety and security. The AI transcription tool is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and uses Drata's leading automation platform. 

If you want to contact the customer support team, there are various ways: email, chat, and phone support (available during business hours). While the Standard plan users get standard email support, Premium and Enterprise users can expect priority email support.

Sonix customer support features available in different plans


What Are The Top Alternatives for 

I've been testing hundreds of AI transcription tools to see how they compare and contrast. While testing and comparing different tools, I found that Notta has an edge over Sonix in different instances. While Sonix can transcribe files in only 40+ languages, Notta generates transcripts in over 104 languages. 

Notta AI-powered recording and transcribing tool

Notta's features don't end here. Unlike Sonix, Notta expands its features and functionalities to mobile users, which means you can streamline recording and transcribing audio to text. The Notta mobile applications are available for Android and iOS devices, which means you can transcribe files anytime, anywhere. 

Record and Transcribe Online Meetings with Notta

Notta is a powerful meeting assistant that can help transcribe virtual meetings in real time and convert meeting recordings in seconds.

How Long Does it Take Sonix Transcription? 

According to Sonix's article, it takes roughly 15 minutes to transcribe a 15-minute file — which is relatively longer than other apps like Notta. This all-in-one Sonix alternative can transcribe a 1-hour-long meeting in a mere 5 minutes and with 98.86% accuracy. 

Is Sonix Transcription Safe? 

The data that goes between the user and Sonix is encrypted using field-standard TLS (Transport Layer Security). Additionally, Sonix has multiple security layers, including network segregation, intrusion protection systems, and firewalls — which makes it safe for transcription-related tasks. 

The Final Verdict 

From this ultimate Sonix transcription review, it is clear that is a great AI transcription tool that automatically transcribes and translates audio/video files in 40+ languages. One feature where lags behind its competitors is the unavailability of real-time transcription — but the AI transcription tool is planning to launch this feature soon. 

Notta, on the other hand, makes more sense if you need a real-time transcription. Notta integrates well with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Webex — so you can record, transcribe, and summarize any meeting with a few clicks. On top of that, Notta offers a generous free plan, so you can test the tool before choosing a paid one. 

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