15 Best Call Transcription Software

15 Best Call Transcription Software

Sales teams rely heavily on voice calls and audio during meetings. It’s the main reason they should be recorded and kept safe for future reference. But did you ever think employees are hardworking enough to return to these calls and relisten the lengthy conversations?

I think not.

And if you think there’s a better and more efficient way to record video calls and just search for parts of it you need to listen to, you are definitely right. This is where call transcription software comes in handy.

These tech tools transcribe and record video calls, converting them into readable and searchable text. The next time you need to review these calls, you now have a document to look into instead of having to listen to hours-long worth of audio. 

Here are the 15 best call transcription software solutions for your sales team with their features, pros, cons, and price points.

Best 15 call transcription software for 2024

The best call transcription software should match what your company needs, making the lives of your sales team members easier and more convenient. Here are our top suggestions based on each software’s functionalities and price ranges.

1. Notta

Best overall call transcription software for Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams

15 Best Call Transcription Software Notta

Notta does a fantastic job of transcribing real-time meetings, such as on Google Meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams. It can also transcribe audio recordings, making it a popular choice among sales teams for recording interviews, transcribing minutes of meetings, and more.

This AI-powered call transcription software can transcribe 58 languages and translate over 40 languages. Expect hour-long audio to be converted into readable text in only 5 minutes.

Notta also allows users to import files or copy and paste Google Drive and Dropbox links to video and audio files for transcription. It also features a live video transcription tool that promotes real-time recording to save you more time, but it’s only available in beta.

Notta has a Web App and iOS and Android versions. It also has a Chrome extension, making it a versatile software solution for various devices. Because of its accessibility, employees can use Notta even when they are working remotely

Moreover, Notta also promotes security and privacy through its security-protected and encrypted data. You don’t need to worry about data breaches or potential theft that could lead to data loss.

Notta has four main plans: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. The first two are ideal for individuals, while the latter are for teams or large companies. Notta Basic is free and perfect if you're only looking for fast transcriptions.


  • Available on the web, iOS, and Android

  • Calendar sync and scheduling

  • Transcription is available via file upload or URL

  • Supports global languages in transcription and translation

  • Fast transcription turnaround

  • Summarize your transcription with AI 


  • Supports various languages

  • The app version is convenient

  • Transcribe in only a few minutes

  • Allow syncing across devices

  • Compatible with multiple file formats


  • No manual transcription

  • Limited features available in a free trial 


  • Free plan offers 120 minutes of transcription each month (it limits the transcription duration per recording to 3 or 5 minutes)

  • Pro: $8.25 monthly (1800 minutes)

  • Business: $44 monthly (2 members, you can add the members accordingly) 

  • Enterprise: consultation required (for more than 20 members)

    Find the Right Call Transcription Partner

    Looking for the best recording tool? Look no further! With Notta, it allows you to adopt intelligent transcription and streamline your workflow for a more productive day.


2. Otter

Best for transcribing phone conversations

15 Best Call Transcription Software Otter

Otter is another AI-powered call transcription software that can transcribe real-time audio to readable text. You can use the desktop app or download it on Android and iOS. This means you can use the software with your smartphone anytime and anywhere.

Otter allows real-time audio transcriptions and then integrates the text into various communication apps, including Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Cisco Webex. That way, you can reference these transcriptions in other meetings.

Moreover, because the audio is converted into text, searching using specific keywords is easier when you must return to particular transcriptions. Otter can also easily skip silences and adjust the file’s playback speed, letting you quickly grasp the main points of the recording. 

Because Ambient Voice Intelligence powers Otter, it improves every time you use the software for transcriptions. The Ambient Voice Intelligence trains Otter to recognize voices better and discover context-based language.

Otter’s subscription plans feature a basic plan with free 600 minutes of transcription per month. Other plans are Pro, Business, and Enterprise.

Key Features:

  • Ambient Voice Intelligence to recognize voices in recordings

  • Seamless integrations with communication apps useful during meetings

  • Allows real-time transcription and translation

  • Can export multiple file formats

  • TLS encryption


  • Accessible and convenient with the mobile app

  • Reliable collaboration features

  • Ability to adjust various playback speeds

  • Can accurately identify names and other terminologies

  • Adjust time stamps and assign speakers 


  • No multi-factor authentication

  • Transcripts are not 100% accurate


  • Basic: free 600 minutes of transcription monthly

  • Pro: $8.33 monthly 

  • Business: $20 monthly 

  • Enterprise: customized rates, depending on the number of users and transcription minute

3. Rev

Best for manual transcription

15 Best Call Transcription Software Rev

Another reputable call transcription software is Rev, an AI-powered platform with manual and human transcriptions. Rev ensures a simplified transcription process and team communication activities.

Rev allows multiple conversions from audio to text with almost 99% accuracy. And if you prefer automated transcriptions, this software is handled by expert and professional transcribers. Rev can also generate automated live captions for virtual conferences, Zoom meetings, video presentations, and webinars.

Moreover, Rev supports more than 15 languages so you can transcribe and translate foreign and English subtitles. This allows you to reach a broader community globally. Live captions and subtitles also benefit the deaf community.

Rev is available on Android and iOS, but you can also use the site version on your desktop. Because of its mobile app, you can guarantee convenience for every automated transcription.

Rev features a free trial that lets you transcribe a video recording for 45 minutes. Then you’ll have to pay various fees, depending on whether you need automated transcription, human transcription, Zoom captions, and more.


  • Offers automated and human transcription services

  • Can support over 88 Foreign languages

  • Fast transcription turnaround 

  • Features live captions for Zoom meetings

  • Secure end-to-end encryption


  • One of the few transcription software that can generate live captions and subtitles

  • High accuracy and precision

  • Guaranteed safe and secure

  • Supports multiple global languages

  • Free trial available


  • Site version lags

  • Real-time transcription is not possible


  • Free version for up to 45 minutes

  • Manual Transcription – $1.50 per minute

  • Automated Transcription – 25 cents per minute

  • English Captions and Subtitles – $1.50 per minute

  • Foreign Subtitles – $5-$12 per minute

  • Automatic Live Captions for Zoom – $20 per host

4. Gong

Best for real-time call transcription for sales teams

15 Best Call Transcription Software Gong

Gong’s best feature is transcribing real-time video calls and meetings, which is ideal for sales teams. It utilizes expert analytics and intelligent insights to streamline interactions between clients and representatives.

Gong also allows smooth integrations with popular web conferencing services, including Microsoft Teams and Zoom. This software has acquired a revenue intelligence platform, distinguishing three sales use cases: people intelligence, deal intelligence, and market intelligence.

This call transcription software also features a reality platform, capturing real-time events between your team and the customers to deliver guidance and insights. Gong will then use the data to upskill, adapt, and hit a company’s targets.

Gong also features over 85% accuracy in its optimized speech-to-text model. Its AI-driven platform allows machine learning to determine topics on recorded calls and specific keywords. This prevents Gong from committing transcription errors.

Gong’s price plans are not similar to most call transcription software. It’s customized, depending on the services you need and the size of your team. The price also depends on your preferred license type.

What’s nice about Gong is that integrations with other applications are free. This means you can integrate it with your current tech stack conveniently.


  • Real-time call transcription service

  • Integration with Zoom and Microsoft teams

  • Supports several global languages

  • AI-driven platform, guaranteeing accuracy 

  • Revenue intelligence platform to gather insights during meetings


  • Intuitive interface and web dashboard

  • Can seamlessly integrate with Zoom for live audio transcriptions

  • No additional charges for integrating with your current tech stack

  • AI-driven

  • Features revenue intelligence


  • No fixed pricing

  • No human transcription 


  • Customized

  • No free trial

5. Happy Scribe

Best for lengthy and large audio/ video files

15 Best Call Transcription Software Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe is ideal for large and lengthy video files that can take a long time to transcribe for other transcription software. It features professional human and automatic transcription and can generate subtitles for your videos.

Moreover, Happy Scribe enables users to request a transcript’s manual review. Through its interactive text editor, you have the option to edit and adjust the transcription to improve its overall accuracy.

Happy Scribe also allows subtitle translation in a single click. To ensure credibility and security, this transcription software asks for a couple of questions about your company name, size, and your position before using it to transcribe your calls and videos.

Happy Scribe’s interface is user-friendly and clean, not requiring that much of a learning curve. This makes it an ideal tool for beginners. Plus, its transcription service is also capable of identifying the call’s speakers and features timestamps, guaranteeing precision in the generated transcript.

Happy Scribe also features various subtitle format options, promoting personalization depending on your brand.


  • Supports various subtitle formats

  • Transcribe and translate multiple foreign languages

  • Integration with Youtube and Zapier

  • Timestamps and speaker identification

  • Accepts any file size and video and audio length


  • Interactive text editor improves transcripts’ overall accuracy

  • Data is kept safe and confidential

  • User-friendly web interface

  • Easy subtitle translation in just a single click

  • Easy collaboration


  • Tends to ignore silence in videos

  • Time code mismatches 


  • Free trial and free plan available 

  • Automatic transcription: $0.20 per minute

  • Human transcription: $2.25 per minute

6. Fathom

Best note-taking app

15 Best Call Transcription Software Fathom

Fathom can become your team’s best friend during Zoom meetings. Its key feature is capturing, transcribing, and highlighting important parts during important Zoom sessions.

Fathom produces accurate Zoom call notes and allows easy synchronization to Hubspot CRMs and Salesforce. And it can also convert those notes into shareable video snippets, allowing easy collaboration with your colleagues.

This AI-powered transcription software also creates accurate meeting summaries, enabling your team to make more informed decisions. And it can also organize data insights across various documentation tools, including Asana, Google Docs, and Notion. 

With Fathom’s advanced machine learning, you can also utilize this tool to summarize calls in a single click.


  • Accurate note-taking for Zoom meetings

  • Integration with famous documentation tools

  • Generate shareable links

  • Generated notes can be easily synced with Hubspot and Salesforce

  • Instant download link of transcripts and Zoom captions


  • Free for personal use

  • Reliable Zoom transcriber

  • Accurate and fast transcriptions 

  • Easy to share across various platforms

  • It can also generate action items


  • Note-taking only available for Zoom

  • Not free for teams or companies


  • Free for individual use

  • Free trial available for two weeks

  • For teams and companies: $48 per month per company

7. Fireflies.ai

Best for voice conversations and transcription annotations

15 Best Call Transcription Software Fireflies ai

Fireflies.ai is an AI-powered transcription software ideal for recording and transcribing meetings and voice conversations. It specializes in creating annotations and note-taking on several platforms at various junctures. 

Fireflies.ai guarantees transcribing hour-long meetings in only five minutes. It also enables users to establish a library of recorded calls and meetings they can group to form hubs of knowledge. This meeting transcription software also facilitates workflow automation and effortless collaboration with co-workers.

This AI-powered transcription software also enables live transcription through its voice recognition technology. Plus, users can also leave comments on documents, highlight important points during voice calls, and scan words to ensure transcription accuracy with the platform’s analytics.


  • Voice recognition technology to identify speakers during voice conversations 

  • AI-powered

  • Support several global languages

  • Enables workflow automation

  • Live transcription and translation


  • Can integrate with MS Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet

  • Easy collaboration through shareable links

  • Searchable and accurate transcription

  • Accurate speaker identification

  • Features useful analytic tools


  • The free plan is limited

  • Requires a steep learning curve


  • Free plan available but with limited features

  • Pro: $10 per seat monthly (billed annually)

  • Business: $19 per seat monthly (billed annually)

  • Enterprise: Customized rates

8. Inqscribe

Best for beginners to transcribe and type notes

15 Best Call Transcription Software Inqscribe

If you need call transcription software with a user-friendly interface without requiring any learning curve, Inqscribe is the one. It’s a digital media software solution enabling manual and human video and audio transcription.

With the software’s interface, you see the text and video editors in a single window. This allows easier note-taking and transcription. It’s also possible to insert multiple timecodes within the transcription. And it’s easy to do so if you follow the instructions. 

Even though Inqscribe is already user-friendly, you can also check screenshots and video tutorials should you get confused about how the software works. There’s also a knowledge base for beginners, making meeting your audio and video transcription needs easier. 

Inqscribe also allows users to enter texts manually and play videos from their flash drive or via a URL. With its built-in text editor, users can transcribe accurately and view video playbacks in a single window.

You can also insert timestamps and shortcuts corresponding to phrases like crosstalk or inaudible. Inqscribe has a site version but is also available for download on Mac and Windows. 


  • Foot pedal control

  • Mac and Windows versions available

  • Compatible with various video and audio formats

  • Can export into various file formats

  • Mouse-free control


  • Text editor and video playback all in a single window

  • Timestamp format is easily changeable

  • Low configuration requirements 

  • Free version available 

  • Beginner-friendly 


  • The free version has limited features 

  • Not much of advanced features


  • Free version available 

  • Individual license: $99

  • Students and multiple licenses get discounts 

9. Sonix

Best for editing and sharing transcriptions

15 Best Call Transcription Software Sonix

Supporting more than 38 languages, Sonix guarantees accuracy in its automated transcription services. It features an easy-to-use in-browser editor, generating reliable and quick transcriptions for videos, audio, and movies.

Sonix also features word-for-word time stamps, promoting easy navigation during auto-transcription services. You can also add comments or additional notes, making it a go-to transcription tool when working collaboratively.

Another key feature is the software’s ability to combine video tracks and multiple audio and create a single transcript from those files. Sonix can automatically add subtitles to uploaded videos, but you can also download its automated transcription.

Plus, this software can integrate with major platforms like Adobe Premiere and Zoom. It also has a user-friendly and highly intuitive interface that promotes convenience, especially for nontech-savvy companies.


  • AI-generated transcription summaries

  • Export into various file formats

  • Transcribe more than 38 languages and translate over 40 languages

  • Timestamp available for easier referencing

  • Downloadable subtitles in SRT or VTT formats


  • Ability to add customized dictionary

  • Fast transcription

  • Capable of integrating with various apps

  • User-friendly

  • Quickly add notes to automated transcripts


  • Per audio hour needs a separate payment aside from a monthly subscription 

  • Rates are expensive 


  • Standard: $10 per hour

  • Premium: $5 per hour, additional $22 per user per month 

10. Chorus

Best for sales call analysis

15 Best Call Transcription Software Chorus

Chorus is a call transcription software tool launched by ZoomInfo. It’s ideal when you want to perform an in-depth analysis of sales calls during important meetings. Thanks to this software, it’s now easier to understand your team’s dynamics and work culture.

More than being a transcription platform, Chorus can also provide professional reports regarding the performance of your sales teams. This makes it easier to make more informed and accurate decisions regarding what works for your business.

Chorus also enables real-time transcription and translation and a sales-based dashboard for tracking sales metrics and indicators. It’s also a sales coaching software solution that records real-time customer conversations.


  • Intuitive sales-based dashboard

  • In-depth analysis of sales calls 

  • Create analytics and reports to track your sales team’s overall performance

  • Real-time call recording 


  • Accurate call transcription and translations

  • A single platform to connect the sales team and customers

  • Reach a broader customer base 

  • Supports several languages 


  • No transparent pricing

  • No free version 


  • Consultation is required

  • No fixed price plans and subscriptions 

11. Dubber

Best for business meeting calls

15 Best Call Transcription Software Dubber

Large businesses and companies need a reliable call transcription platform that can record meetings from a single dashboard, just like how Dubber works. It records business meetings and transcribes them into readable and downloadable text formats.

Dubber also facilitates easy sharing and collaboration of action items across business leaders. It also features a direct telephone network connection, ensuring business calls are recorded in the best quality.


  • Direct connection to various telephone networks during business meetings

  • Easy call data integration

  • AI-powered voice recognition technology


  • Accurate business call transcriptions 

  • Cloud-based and secure

  • Supports several languages


  • No transparent pricing

  • No free version 


  • Starts at $19 per month 

12. Jiminny

Best for Sales Coaching

15 Best Call Transcription Software Jiminny

Jiminny is one of the best sales coaching software offering real-time call transcriptions. It aids your sales teams by showing thematic categorization for these conversations, providing valuable insights regarding the progress of each deal, and supporting your sales teams in making informed decisions to enhance their sales processes.

The platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze the content of recorded conversations. It can identify essential keywords, sentiments, and patterns to provide valuable insights.

Jiminny also often integrates with popular Customer Relationship Management tools, enabling seamless data sharing and centralized management of customer interactions.


  • Performance tracking and sales coaching 

  • Security and Compliance

  • Quality assurance of transcriptions 

  • Customizable reporting and dashboard


  • Analytical sales coaching 

  • Improve sales performance by identifying the team’s strengths and weaknesses

  • Combines AI and natural language platform 


  • No pro plans available


  • Starts at $100 per month per paid user

13. Wingman by Clari

Best for conversation intelligence platform

15 Best Call Transcription Software Wingman by Clari

Wingman is more than your regular call transcription software. It utilizes a conversation intelligence platform, guaranteeing accurate call transcripts during sales meetings. As a result, this helps in increasing your team’s revenue. 

Wingman by Clari extracts information from sales meetings, calls, and interactions to assess feedback and scale coaching. These processes help in establishing a repeatable and reliable sales machine.

Wingman by Clari’s platform is designed to help businesses optimize their sales processes, forecast accurately, and gain deeper insights into their revenue generation activities.


  • Real-time call insights

  • Decision support for sales teams

  • Seamless integration with CRM tools


  • Helps sales teams make more informed decisions to improve

  • Provide relevant information through accurate call transcripts

  • Gives instant feedback and analytics to the sales team 


  • Limited languages supported


  • Starts at $60 per month per sales representative

14. oTranscribe

Best for free manual transcription

15 Best Call Transcription Software oTranscribe

oTranscribe features free manual transcription on its open-source web application. Its transcription tools can perform various functionalities, including hitting pause, fast forward, and rewinding using only your keyboard. oTranscribe also features interactive timestamps for easier transcript navigation. 

This transcription software maybe be a web-based app, but you can still use it without the Internet. But you still need a connection to export to Google Drive or enable YouTube support. Keyboard shortcuts are also available for mouse-free control. 

oTranscribe adopts a local storage approach, utilizing your computer's storage rather than a remote server or cloud. This ensures the security of your transcripts, audio, and video files. The web app also automatically backs up your progress every 5 minutes, preventing data loss. 


  • Single window for text and video editors

  • Automatic data back-up

  • Multiple export file formats


  • Mouse-free control

  • Free web app transcription 

  • Transcribe even when offline


  • Can import oTranscribe file formats


  • Free 

15. EaseUS

Best for transcribing video to text

15 Best Call Transcription Software EaseUS

EaseUS Video Editor is a video transcription software that uses artificial intelligence to help you transcribe videos to text.  The software has a speech-to-text analysis that automatically picks up on what words and sentences are being spoken and converts them to either captions or subtitles for your video. 

Once you’ve generated your text, EaseUS Video Editor then allows you to export your subtitles as a .txt or .srt file. You can later upload these to the editor to use with a different video or audio clip. 

Because this isn’t just transcription software, you can also create and edit video clips. That means you have powerful tools at your disposal to ensure your videos have accurate captions and subtitles. 


  • Complete video editing tools

  • Accurate transcriptions

  • No video length restrictions


  • User-friendly interface

  • Guaranteed data back-up

  • Capable of data recovery 


  • Compatibility issues with certain software and hardware

  • Relatively more expensive rates


  • Starts at $29.95 per month

What to Consider when Choosing a Call Transcription Software?

Now that you know several call transcription software options are available, it’s essential to choose wisely. You must ensure your chosen software matches your business needs, especially your sales teams.

Consider the following factors when choosing your call transcription software:

  • Transcription Accuracy - check the software’s accuracy percentage, between 80 to 90 percent is good enough.

  • Use Case - categorizing the use case of your transcripts promotes easier collaboration with your team members

  • Real-time and Post-Conversation Analysis - get a software solution that can either allow real-time or recording transcription, depending on what your sales teams need

  • Language Assistance - this is important when you’re working with global business leaders. You need a software solution that can translate and transcribe several foreign languages.

  • Cost and Budget - different call transcription software tools have various price plans. Choose one that suits your company’s resources. It’s also important that the software’s price plans are reasonable enough with the features it offers.

How to Transcribe a Call

Call transcriptions are easy when you have the right tool, considering you also follow the necessary steps. With Notta, you can transcribe and translate calls in five simple steps. 

  1. Record the call - Recording the call is the first step. Choose a reputable software solution to start recording sales meetings and video calls 

  2. Transfer the audio file - After recording the call, download and upload it to Notta. What’s great about Notta is that it allows quick upload of audio and video calls. You can also export the call as a URL and copy and paste the link on Notta. 

  3. Call Transcriber - It’s time to let Notta perform its magic. Notta can transcribe calls and video files in just a few minutes with more than 98% accuracy. Plus, everything is AI-powered in Notta, so you can guarantee precise and automated transcriptions. 

  4. Quality check - Notta will then let you see the transcript to check for errors and adjustments necessary. The software allows you to edit the audio transcript with its built-in text editor manually.

  5. Save and store the transcription - You can finally export it to your desired file format when satisfied. Notta supports various text and document formats, subtitles, and captions. It also allows users to generate a shareable link, allowing easier collaboration with your team members. 

    Instant Transcribing with 98.86% Accuracy

    Get quick and highly accurate transcription services, achieving 98.86% precision with every transcription task.


How to Transcribe a Sales Meeting Call

Transcribing sales meeting calls works almost similarly to audio and video files, except you can do it in real-time. Moreover, Notta allows seamless integration with famous communication and video conferencing apps, including Zoom, MS Teams, Google Meet, and more. 

Follow the step-by-step guide below to transcribe sales meeting calls using Notta:

  1. Start recording the call - Open Zoom or Google Meet and record the call. 

  2. Connect or upload the recorded sales meeting call - You'll need to upload the audio recording of the sales meeting call on Notta. This can usually be done by clicking an "Upload" or "Import" button and selecting the audio file from your device.

  3. Start transcribing - Notta will now start the transcription process. The tool will then use its speech recognition algorithms to convert the audio content into searchable and readable text.

  4. Review and edit - Review the text to ensure accuracy once the transcription is complete. Speech recognition tools may not always be 100% precise, so correcting errors or misinterpretations is essential.

  5. Save, Export, and Collaborate - After reviewing and editing the transcription, save the text document or export it to your desired format. You can also share the transcription with other team members or stakeholders to collaborate and take necessary actions based on the meeting's outcomes.

6 Benefits of Transcribing Calls

Still unconvinced about how call transcription software tools can help your sales teams? Here are their six reasons why transcribing calls is useful for your business. 

  • Makes audio searchable - Transcribing calls allows you to jump to certain parts of the recording or search specific keywords, saving time. This means you don’t need to relisten to the entire conversation.

  • Keeps track of all customer conversations - Customer conversations are important because they contain critical information about what your customers need and their perception of your company’s services or products.

  • Training and coaching needs - Accurate transcription data also allows companies to train and coach new sales agent hires. It also allows you to share and collaborate with your other sales agents and members, ensuring faster onboarding processes.

  • Creating a word cloud - Creating a Word cloud enables users to understand better customers’ sentiments and expectations regarding a certain product or service. This can significantly improve the overall client experience. 

  • Compliance and legal purposes - Transcribing calls makes it easier for sales teams to identify discrepancies in security and legal compliance so that proactive actions can immediately be done. 

  • Keep everyone in the loop - Having ready call transcripts can allow members who are absent during the meeting to stay updated with important business decisions. 

What can I Use Calls Transcription for

Aside from the sales industry, in what other fields can you find call transcripts helpful? Find out various industries where call transcription software solutions are also handy. 

  1. Education - It allows students and educators to revisit and review important information from lectures and discussions. Call transcription also helps in note-taking and course content retention.

  2. Customer service - Converted customer service calls creates written records essential for future reference. It helps monitor customer complaints, recognize concerns, and enhance customer experience.

  3. Interview - It provides a written account of the conversation, ensuring accurate documentation of the interviewee's responses and insights. Transcripts allow interviewers to review the interview in detail and extract valuable information. 

  4. Engineer - During conference calls or meetings, it helps capture technical discussions, design decisions, and problem-solving strategies. Engineers can refer back to essential details, ensure clarity in communication, and avoid misunderstandings.

  5. Market research - allows researchers to capture valuable insights and feedback from customer interviews, focus groups, or survey calls. This process enhances the accuracy and depth of market research findings and facilitates the discovery of consumer preferences and pain points.

  6. Legal proceedings - Transcripts serve as reliable evidence, enabling attorneys, judges, and juries to refer back to specific statements, arguments, or key points presented during the proceedings. 

  7. Meeting minutes - Transcripts serve as official documentation of the proceedings, ensuring that all participants have an accurate account of what was discussed and agreed upon.

  8. Telemedicine - transcribes calls or appointments made with healthcare workers. This grants patients access to these appointments and decisions made between both parties.


Call-to-text transcription offers a significant benefit by making audio files easily searchable. Within these files lie invaluable customer insights, competitive analysis, and perceptions.

Leveraging call transcription software can lead to increased revenue, cost optimization, and improved customer experience. These tools transform vast terabytes of audio data into meaningful and actionable datasets, thereby enhancing business operations.