10 Best Alternatives for Automated Notes in 2024 is undoubtedly a decent AI meeting tool for taking automated meeting notes and facilitating collaboration with team members. 

But as soon as you sign up, you may start feeling that the interface is confusing and that it doesn't satisfy your needs. If you've been considering a alternative, you've come to the right place. 

We understand how hard it can be to select an alternative that ticks all your boxes, and you certainly do not want to waste your time testing scores of similar products in the market. So, we have decided to take that burden off of you.

After a week of testing, we finally picked out the 10 best alternatives to narrow down your options. Overview note-taking app is an AI-powered tool that can transcribe, summarize, search, and analyze voice conversations across various video-conferencing apps and dialers, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and RingCentral.

In addition to generating meeting records, it uses conversation intelligence to analyze metrics such as topic trends, speaker talk time, and sentiments. These insights help teams run better meetings and make data-driven decisions. 

Fireflies pricing

Fireflies offers a free trial for individuals starting out, with 800 mins of storage. It also has several paid plans catering to your needs:

  • Pro Plan - $18 per seat monthly with 8,000 mins of storage.

  • Business Plan - $29 per seat monthly with unlimited storage

  • Enterprise Plan - Custom pricing billed annually 

With so much to offer — coupled with different paid plans and packages — it's no wonder feels like a great tool. But the tool doesn’t come without limitations.

Why you might need a Fireflies alternative?

By my authentic test of the tool and searching through user reviews, the most common reasons customers require a Fireflies alternative include:

  • Not-satisfying user experience: For one thing, users are left to explore the product by themselves without much onboarding guidance. For the other, Fireflies is not as intuitive and easy to use as many of its alternatives. According to some reviews on G2, this is a major con using

  • No live transcription: Fireflies only has transcriptions available after the meeting. Instead, other alternatives like Notta allow users to access the transcript in real-time and bookmark important information.

  • Slow processing: can be a bit slow in processing meeting transcripts—10 minutes at least and may be up to an hour, which is frustrating.

What Makes a Good Alternative to

Ideally, a alternative should not only overcome the shortcomings of the tool but should also offer something more. I have tested the tools based on the same criteria to see how they compare and contrast. 

Automatic note-taking: says, 'Automate your meeting notes,' so it's the most important task. While evaluating the apps, make sure they can automate note-taking processes with high accuracy during online meetings. 

Easy collaboration: Team collaboration is the key to a successful and productive meeting. Therefore, look for a tool that lets you create to-do lists, leave comments on transcripts, mention co-workers, and share meeting notes or clips in a click. 

User-friendly interface: Pay attention to the user interface, including how easy it is to navigate and use the tool, and how the features help to automate workflows and available support. 

All-in-one potential: At last, the alternatives should be capable of reliably transcribing and summarizing all the information in one place — without requiring you to connect loads of third-party apps. 

The 10 Best Alternatives 

On the surface, these AI meeting tools do more or less the same thing — they convert speech to text, but the extra features coming with transcription are where the main difference lies. Keep reading through the options to notice how these alternatives can help you during online meetings. 

#1 Notta

Best for auto-join and transcribing meetings

Notta meeting transcription tool

Notta is one of the biggest names in the AI transcription space and a feature-rich alternative. If you want an all-in-one AI meeting assistant tool that can record, transcribe, and even summarize with high accuracy, Notta is the ideal tool. 

When you integrate Notta with popular web conferencing platforms (like Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, and Microsoft Teams), it automatically joins the meetings and transcribes everything. Later, you can use the AI Summary Generator to summarize the content in a few paragraphs, action items, and highlights. 

You can also install the Notta mobile app on your phone to record and transcribe meetings or calls on the go. If you have pre-recorded audio or video files of meetings, directly upload them on a Notta, and it will start turning voice to text. 

Key Features 

  • Live transcription: Notta generates real-time transcriptions, and thus, enables users to access, view, and highlight the meeting transcript while the meeting is ongoing. 

  • Shareable meeting clips: You can share only the most important information by extracting a one-minute video highlight from a meeting recording without additional editing software.

  • Syncs with Calendar: Notta syncs well with Google and Outlook Calendar to see the upcoming meetings directly on the dashboard.

  • Auto-join: Having two meetings at the same time? You can set the Notta bot to join a live meeting and record the conversations for later review. 


  • Notta is a highly intuitive and user-friendly transcription tool ideal for beginners and professionals alike. 

  • It can transcribe live or pre-recorded meetings. 

  • Notta has a Web, Android, and iOS app, so you can access it anywhere.


  • The Free plan has time limit per meeting.

  • No conversation analysis.


  • Free Plan: $0

  • Pro Plan: $13.99 per user per month 

  • Business Plan: $59 per two users per month 

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales 

Record and Transcribe Online Meetings with Notta

Notta is a powerful meeting assistant that can help transcribe virtual meetings in real time and convert meeting recordings in seconds.

#2 Fathom

Best free AI meeting assistant for personal use

Fathom meeting transcription tool

While looking for some free AI meeting assistant tools, I came across Fathom, and the first thing I read on their landing page was that it's completely free for personal use. 

The generous freemium plan will let you transcribe all your meetings for free — and even generate a meeting summary. Now it supports Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

Fathom's paid Team plan helps you organize meetings in a Team Calls tab and see meeting statistics for each member — which is quite useful, especially for sales call coaching. 

Key Features 

  • Supports 7 languages: Fathom supports seven languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and French. 

  • Instant access: Whenever the meeting or call ends, you get quick access to call recording, transcription, and highlight moments. 

  • CRM Integrations: Fathom can be integrated with HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, and to sync your data seamlessly.

  • Meeting summary: The tool creates summaries of meeting conversations using AI, emphasizing the highlighted moments.


  • Completely free for personal use.

  • It automatically generates and syncs call notes directly to your CRM. 

  • You can copy and paste perfectly formatted summaries and action items to Task Manager, Google Docs, or Gmail. 


  • The user interface might be a little clunky for users. 

  • Users might need to join the waitlist to sign up for a free account.

  • It typically requires a software download to set up.

  • Slow customer support.


  • Free Forever Plan 

  • Fathom Team Edition: $19 per user with a 14-day free trial 


Best for taking voice notes and AI chat meeting transcription tool is a pretty well-known name in the AI meeting notes market and is a solid alternative. If you'd ask me to choose between the two, I would recommend for more rich features and for quick transcription. See the details about Otter vs. Fireflies.

When I tried the Otter meeting transcription app, I found it much quicker (the meeting transcription was instantly available after the call), and the AI summary was more skimmable. If you don't care about AI insights or are more focused on converting voice to text, Otter might be a better choice for you. 

Key Features 

  • Live Transcription: With the help of Otter Bot, you can transcribe calls, interviews, podcasts, and more in real-time. 

  • Custom Vocabulary: You can add specific words related to an industry or company to help Otter transcribe meetings accurately. 

  • Playback Speeds: Otter lets you play the recordings at speeds from 0.5x to 3x — but it is not available in the free basic plan. 


  • Otter can take voice notes and transcribe them in real-time — something which is not possible in 

  • It also includes timestamps, edits, highlights, and transcription services. 

  • You can also search transcripts by keyword. 


  • Otter does not have an AI sentiment analysis (a feature available in