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15 Best AI Transcription Software & Services

Transcription is long and tedious work for anyone. Not only does it take time, but it also requires focus and attention to make sure you catch everything. Luckily, Artificial Intelligence (AI) software can transcribe for you. Videos, podcasts, lectures, and all other kinds of audio can be converted into readable text automatically in minutes.

After extensive research, we have compiled a list of the 15 best AI transcription software and services to reference. By selecting the best service, you can transcribe easier and quicker than you ever thought possible!

This list contains the most manageable, secure, and affordable options for transcription software.  I comprised this list targeting the widest audience we could and considering the needs of all types of jobs and positions so you could be sure to find the right software for you. Let’s dive in.

15 Best AI Transcription Software & Services

1. Notta

Best for highly accurate and speedy automatic transcriptions.

Notta highly accurate and speedy automatic transcriptions

Notta is an all-around excellent online transcription service for all users. Notta supports almost all file formats for your audio uploads, including WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, AND MOV.

You can use Notta on any device through Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox without installation. Notta also supports synchronization across devices so that you can access your transcripts through Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Another benefit of Notta is that you can record and transcribe audio in real time. You can record webinars, classes, or meetings and then have the transcript to refer to after. Notta will save you much time and effort with its quality and affordable transcriptions.

Key Features

  • Transcription accuracy for high-quality audio can reach 98.86%.

  • Transcribe files of WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MOV, WMV formats, and YouTube links without any trouble.

  • 1-hour audio/ video just needs 5 minutes to transcribe.

  • Notta recognizes and converts audio to text in 104 languages.

  • Live Screen Recording feature allows you to record your screen and transcribe it.


  • High accuracy.

  • Fast transcription speed.

  • Diverse language inclusion.

  • AI-powered summary with action items.


  • The Free plan is limited in use.

Transcribe with Notta AI

Frustrated with losing important details? Notta AI transforms your meetings into instantly searchable, verbatim notes. No more replaying recordings – start preserving valuable insights. Give Notta a try today!


2. Transkriptor

Best for individuals looking for quick and simple transcriptions.


Transkriptor boasts state-of-the-art AI technology that can accurately convert audio or video files into text within minutes.

One of the standout features of Transkriptor is its simplicity. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to navigate and utilize the tool effectively. Whether you're a tech-savvy person or someone less familiar with transcription tools, Transkriptor's simple interface ensures a smooth user experience.

Collaboration is made seamless with Transkriptor. The tool allows multiple team members to work on the same document simultaneously, facilitating remote teamwork and enhancing productivity.

Transkriptor also offers a unique AI assistant that allows users to focus more on the meetings without taking notes manually. This meeting assistant will automatically join, record, and transcribe online meetings for you. It's a time-saving and convenient addition to the transcription process.

Key Features

  • Supports transcribing in over 100 languages.

  • Real-time transcription feature.

  • Import video/audio files to transcribe.

  • Editing and sharing for simple collaboration.


  • Available on the Web, iOS, and Android.

  • User-friendly interface.


  • Lack of customization options for transcriptions.

3. Rev

Best for individuals and teams looking for reliable human-made transcriptions and subtitles.

Rev AI transcription software

Rev is one of the most well-known and renowned AI transcription software. Rev is well known for its accurate transcription, resulting from countless hours of compiled data. Rev supports many audio file formats, including YouTube and Vimeo.

Rev also offers live captions and subtitles for up to 15 languages. Many users have reported that the software is extremely straightforward to use. The editing and sharing capabilities also add to the user experience.

A distinct feature of Rev is the option for professional human transcription instead of automated. This option will take more time, typically up to 5 hours, but will ensure no mistakes. Though Rev offers 24/7 customer service, there have been complaints of slow customer support.

Key Features

  • Automated and human transcription options.

  • Subtitles in 15 languages.

  • Live captions in Zoom meetings.

  • User-friendly interface.


  • Multiple transcription options.

  • Live captions.

  • Subtitles for many languages.


  • Slow customer service.

4. Otter

Best for individuals looking for audio recording and transcribing on the go.

Otter meeting recording and transcription software

Otter is an excellent free software with many noteworthy features. Otter can connect directly with Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams to share and collaborate on files of meeting recordings.

Otter has a mobile app option making it compatible with iOS and Android users. Otter’s software can distinguish speakers' voices in recordings and offers extensive editing options for transcripts.

You can find specific information in your transcript through Otter’s search feature. Otter can distinguish transcribed text by speaker and time. Otter offers a tutorial for its users and, beyond the free trial, provides a discount to students, veterans, teachers, and others.

Key Features

  • Free trial option for users with limited needs.

  • Direct connection to Zoom, Google Meets, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Mobile apps are available.

  • Ability to distinguish speakers by voice.


  • Free for most users.

  • Simple sharing and linking with popular meeting apps.


  • Relatively low accuracy.

5. Sonix

Best for individuals looking for speech-to-text solutions to integrate workflows.

Sonix automated transcriptions

Sonix is another widely popular AI-powered transcription software known for its fast transcription times and various editing capabilities. Many popular businesses use Sonix, offering automated transcriptions in over 30 languages.

Sonix is unavailable on iOS or Android as it does not provide a mobile application option. However, Sonix has a handy in-browser feature that allows easily accessible transcription options.

Sonix can distinguish between speakers, create custom dictionaries for specific jargon, timestamps at every word, and has much more notable editing and reviewing features. Sonix also has a feature that pairs a confidence level with words to bring attention to possible mistakes.

Key Features

  • Fast transcription times.

  • In-browser option and combination with popular meeting apps for a smooth workflow.

  • Speaker recognition and custom dictionary.

  • Confidence level word checks.


  • In-depth editing and reviewing capabilities.

  • Simple interface and smooth workflow.


  • No mobile option.

6. Fireflies

Best for automating meeting transcription and notes with AI.

Fireflies automatically transcribe meeting

Fireflies is a widely used interactive software that assists, tracks, and automatically transcribes your meetings. Fireflies is very useful for businesses and group meetings but has limited use for individuals.

Fireflies provides live transcripts you can view while listening to the audio simultaneously. You can highlight text, share with your team members, and include quick searches to find specific information.

Fireflies is very popular among businesses as it offers metrics after meetings to increase efficiency, such as speaking time per member. You can also assign tasks and easily share highlighted information from transcripts.

Key Features

  • Web-friendly, simple interface.

  • Meeting metrics to analyze efficiency.

  • Editing, task creation, and sharing features.

  • Simultaneous audio and transcript review option.


  • Free option.

  • Easily integrated into Google Chrome as an extension.


  • Limited in individual use.

7. Audext

Best for individuals simply looking for audio-to-text solutions.

Audext automatic transcription software

Audext is a widely trusted automatic transcription software known for its many available languages and fast transcription times. Audext is another software that offers the option of professional human transcription.

Audext uses advanced AI algorithms and offers built-in editors, including speaker recognition and time stamps. While Audext has no free option, it offers reasonably priced monthly plans.

Another great feature of Audext is the wide variety of file formats it accepts. You can upload MP3, WAV, and many other standard file formats to get your audio transcribed quickly.

Key Features

  • Diverse file formats are accepted for uploading.

  • Speaker recognition and time stamps are available.

  • More than 60 languages are supported.

  • Professional and human transcription is available.


  • Reasonably priced.

  • Many languages are available for transcription.

  • Fast transcription times.


  • Low accuracy for automatic transcription.

8. Scribie

Best for people who want simple transcription processes.

Scribie audio video transcription software

Scribie is a straightforward software offering affordable transcription services. Scribie has an automatic and professional transcription option. The automatic transcription charges depend on the length of your audio file.

Scribie is known for its very simple transcription process. After uploading the file, you pay, wait for a short time, and then have full access to the transcript, which you can edit and share as you want.

If you select the professional transcription option, Scribie boasts 99% accuracy and promises no more than a 24-hour wait. After receiving your file, Scribie will give you an accurate estimate. Upon completion, you can instantly go through and correct the transcript if needed.

Key Features

  • Simple, four-step process.

  • Fast transcription times.

  • Automatic and Professional options.

  • Online editing features.


  • Affordable.

  • Guaranteed accuracy with Manual transcription.


  • No mobile option.

  • English only.

  • Low accuracy for poorer quality audio.

9. Verbit

Best for people who want reliable and AI-based transcription and captioning services.

Verbit business oriented transcription software

Verbit is a business-oriented transcription service provider that has features and designs to meet the needs of a wide variety of users. For example, models oriented toward teachers, media companies, and legal proceedings.

Verbit offers live captioning and integration with apps like Zoom and YouTube for a smooth workflow. The interface is also very easy to use for most. Verbit features translation and voice recognition technology that can even understand accents.

Another feature of Verbit’s process is that it first uses its automated tool to create a transcription draft which then undergoes a check by a human professional to ensure high accuracy.

Key Features

  • AI speech recognition software.

  • Live captioning and subtitles.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Near-perfect accuracy.


  • Guaranteed accuracy.

  • Simple to use.


  • No free option.

10. Beey

Best for people who want convenient text editing and formatting tools.

Beey international transcription service

Beey is an automatic transcription service that can translate and subtitle up to 20 languages. Beey is known for its fast processing speeds and easily accessible editing tools to allow for manual correction.

A beneficial feature of Beey is the wide variety of video and audio formats the software accepts for transcription. Beey can accept file formats of almost any kind and can process multiple file uploads. 

Beey has an easily accessible mobile app and provides many options to users. You will have the option to receive a check from a professional after your audio is converted. You can also manually correct the transcript and take advantage of time stamps and speaker recognition features from Beey. 

Key Features

  • Supports over 20 languages.

  • Fast processing speeds for automatic transcription.

  • Useful editing tools.

  • Many audio formats are accepted.


  • Mobile app with a simple interface.

  • Subtitles and captions for many languages.

  • Speaker recognition.


  • No free option.

11. Speak AI

Best for people who want to get insights from audio.

Speak transcription software

Speak AI is a transcription software with a wide array of features included. It features very fast and highly accurate automatic transcriptions. You can save and share files in Speak to quickly access and edit them.

Speak AI supports file uploads of many formats and has a built-in recording feature to capture live audio. This tool also allows you to create scheduled recordings for any recurring weekly meetings that you want to record.

Another fantastic feature of Speak AI is the data visualization tools offered. It can create graphics featuring keywords and topics. This can help you better understand and edit your transcript and maintain all necessary information.

Key Features

  • 95% accurate automatic transcriptions.

  • Live recording feature.

  • Data visualization tools.

  • Custom dictionary available.


  • Keyword recognition.

  • Transcriptions are easily saved and shared for collaboration.


  • A crowded dashboard may be confusing.

12. Trint

Best for people who want to transcribe, translate, and collaborate in a single workflow.

Trint automatic transcription service

Trint is another AI-powered software that offers appealing features to various users. Whether group or individual, student or teacher, Trint is a helpful automatic transcription service that offers highly accurate transcriptions for more than 30 languages and can translate text into more than 50 languages.

Trint is available on iOS, web, and cloud platforms. Trint offers an extensive list of editing tools to perfect and manage your transcripts. This includes highlighting, comments, and time stamps.

Trint has both live recording and file upload features. There is also a mobile version of Trint that can even transcribe phone calls for you. Trint offers ISO-certified security and high-level encryption for all of your files.

Key Features

  • Transcribes in 30+ languages, and translates into 50+ languages.

  • Extensive editing and sharing tools.

  • Speaker Identification and closed captions.


  • Highly accurate and high-speed automatic transcriptions.

  • Supports many different languages.


  • Pricey compared to other software.

  • Not available on Android.

13. TranscribeMe

Best for people who want affordable transcription services with AI and experienced transcribers.

Transcribeme automatic and human transcription option

TranscribeMe is an easy-to-use transcription service for anybody. It has both automatic and human transcription options available. Automatic transcriptions have relatively fast turnaround times and offer a high accuracy.

TranscribeMe has three options available for your transcriptions. The lowest cost has a guaranteed 98% accuracy but lacks some detailed features. The most expensive package offers a “Verbatim” 100% accuracy guarantee and has features like time stamps and speaker recognition for your convenience.

There is also a separate service offered by TranscribeMe specifically for the translation of audio and text files that supports up to 15 languages.

Key Features

  • 98-100% accuracy rate guaranteed depending on the selected transcription option.

  • Up to 15 languages are supported for translation.

  • Human and automatic transcription options.


  • Low rates for both human and automatic transcriptions.

  • Straight-forward interface for simple interaction.


  • Editing tools are reserved for more expensive transcription options.

14. Temi

Best for people who want secure and fast transcription services.

Temi speech to text transcription

Temi is a very affordable, straightforward automatic transcription software with useful editing tools. Temi accepts all file formats and can export saved transcripts in pdf, word, srt, and more. Temi offers speedy turnover times and, given that the audio is clear with little background noise or speaker accents, ensures up to 95% accuracy.

Temi will offer helpful tools like timestamps, speaker recognition, and playback speed features upon receiving your transcribed audio. Temi also has a mobile app that makes sharing files almost effortless.

Temi is a paid service but offers new users the first 45 minutes of transcribed audio for free. If you are just looking for software to be used one time for a short transcription, this could be the service for you.

Key Features

  • Uploads of all file formats accepted.

  • Offers 95% transcription accuracy for clear audio.

  • Extensive editing tools.


  • The first 45 minutes of audio transcription are free.

  • Supports any and all types of files for upload.


  • Only supports English.

15. MeetGeek

Best for people who want an AI meeting automation assistant.

meetgeek AI meeting tool

MeetGeek is an AI meeting tool that can be used by businesses to retain critical information. MeetGeek will automatically record and transcribe meetings which will then be available for you to edit and share.

MeetGeek primary purpose is recording meetings, but it accepts other audio file formats. While using MeetGeek, you do not have to set up recordings manually. Another automatic feature that MeetGeek provides is marking keywords and topics from the transcribed audio.

MeetGeek does have a free option available for the service, but it comes with limited uses and storage per month.

Key Features

  • Automatic recording and transcribing of meetings.

  • Keywords and topics are highlighted automatically.

  • Fast transcription times.


  • Fully automated recordings.

  • A free trial option is available.


  • Limited use outside of meetings.

Why You Need AI Transcription Tools

1. Save Your Time

Utilizing AI transcription software in your work will save you hours of tedious work. With software like Notta, you can complete hours of transcription in just minutes. See the graphic below for exact data on how much time you can save with Notta.

how Notta save your time

2. Security & Privacy

When you enlist the help of transcription software, you want the data of your audio and text files to be secured. The best software will protect your files when uploading and sharing.  Notta complies with security regulations such as SSL, GDPR, APPI, and CCPA. All data is encrypted with AWS' RDP and S3 services.

Notta security and privacy

Notta can immediately recognize speech or send audio files to a speech recognition platform in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner. I know how hard it can be to trust a service with your personal and work files. However, Notta makes it a top priority to ensure the safety, security, and confidentiality of your work.

3. Great Assistance For Hearing-impaired People

For those suffering from hearing loss, technology like AI transcription software is life-changing. By changing audio into text automatically and quickly, real-life, real-time conversations are all the more possible.

If you or somebody you know suffers from hearing loss, services like Notta will provide you with the real-time, accurate, and speedy transcription you need to deepen your conversations and connections.

Capture Verbatim with a Clear Transcription

Notta AI ensures you never miss a spoken word or video content with its high accuracy, when recall matters most, only accuracy will do. Discover how accurate it could be. Try it today!

Comparison of AI Transcription Software & Services

Here is a quick rundown of the 15 best AI transcription tools and platforms.

Product Pricing Key Features Best For User Rating
Notta Free
Pro: $8.25/month
Business: $44/month
High accuracy, high-speed transcriptions in 100+ languages Highly accurate and speedy automatic transcriptions. 4.8/5
Transkriptor Lite: $9.99/month
Premium: $24.99/month
Editing and sharing for simple collaboration Individuals looking for quick and simple transcriptions. 4.2/5
Rev $1.50/min. of audio Live captions and user-friendly interface Individuals and teams looking for reliable human-made transcriptions and subtitles. 4.3/5
Otter Free
Pro: $16.99/month
Free trial option, integration with meeting software, and mobile app Individuals looking for audio recording and transcribing on the go. 4.4/5
Sonix Standard: $10/hour
Premium: $5/hour + $22 per user/month
In-browser extension with confidence level attachment Individuals looking for speech-to-text solutions to integrate workflows. 4.3/5
Fireflies Free
Pro: $10/month
Business: $19/month
Simple interface, offers meeting metrics and simultaneous review Automating meeting transcription and notes with AI. 4.2/5
Audext Automatic: $5/hour
Professional: $1.2/min
Accepts many file formats and supports up to 60 languages Individuals simply looking for audio-to-text solutions. 4.1/5
Scribie Automatic: $0.10/min
Professional: $0.80/min
Simple process with fast transcription times and editing tools People who want simple transcription processes. ~3/5
Verbit Varies by user, can range from $15/hour-$50/hour Near perfect accuracy, live captioning and subtitles People who want reliable and AI-based transcription and captioning services. ~4/5
Beey $8.09/hour Speedy transcriptions in over 20 languages with editing tools People who want convenient text editing and formatting tools. 4.7/5
Speak Starter: $8/month
Premium(team): $468/month
Highly accurate transcriptions with live recording and data visualization features People who want to get insights from meetings. 4.2/5
Trint $78/month for teams/businesses Transcribes in 30+ languages, offers various editing and sharing tools People who want to transcribe, translate, and collaborate in a single workflow. ~3.9/5
TranscribeMe Automatic: $0.07/min
Professional: $0.79/min
Offers human and AI transcriptions with a straight forward interface People who want affordable transcription services with AI and experienced transcribers. 3.7/5
Temi $0.25/min All file formats accepted for upload, up to 95% accuracy People who want secure and fast transcription services. ~4.2/5
MeetGeek Free
Pro: $15 per user/month
Business: $29 per user/month
Automatic recording and transcribing of meetings with highlights+key words People who want an AI meeting automation assistant. 4.5/5

FAQs about Best AI Speech Recognition Software

1. What is the cost of transcription with AI tools?

The cost of your transcription will depend on the service you are using. 

Some software offers monthly and yearly subscriptions that include unlimited transcriptions included with the price. Other services charge per transcription and by the minute. For example, Notta charges $8.25 per month, and Scribie charges $0.10/min of audio.

2. How accurate is AI transcription?

Different services have higher and lower levels of accuracy in their AI transcriptions. The highest quality AI can achieve up to 99% accuracy, while others may only reach 90%. The accuracy also depends on the quality of the audio file or recording. Background noise, overlapping voices, and accents may make it more difficult to achieve higher accuracy. 

3. What are the benefits of AI transcription?

AI transcription will save countless hours of tedious work and effort. The accessibility of files from the software also makes editing and reviewing information from transcripts much simpler. The upload and sharing capabilities can also benefit teams greatly for collaboration.

4. What AI transcription software is free?

There are several free options available for transcription software. Some services offer a free option for using their software, while others only a free trial or limited free uses per month. For example, Notta, and Fireflies offer free AI transcription options.

5. What are the cons of AI transcription?

While AI transcription is great, it has its downsides. The major con of AI transcription is that accuracy is not guaranteed. Depending on the quality of your audio, the transcription may not be as accurate as with a manual option.

Convert Audio to Text with AI

Transcribe audio and video in 104 languages with just a few clicks! Notta's transcriber offers accurate AI transcriptions for free!

Final Words

Making the right choice of AI transcription tools and services depends on your personal needs. Some software offers team-oriented features, while others are better for individuals. Some support transcription in more languages, while others accept more file formats. Whatever your needs, we hope this article has helped you find the best AI transcription software for you.

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