5 Best Tactiq Alternatives for Meeting Transcription in 2024

5 Best Tactiq Alternatives for Meeting Transcription in 2024

Tactiq is a highly competent AI meeting assistant that automates note-taking and generates transcripts of virtual meetings — but it's far from the only highly competent app out there. So, if you've been using Tactiq just because it's a great transcription tool, it might be worth seeing if something else suits you better. 

Depending on the use case (and, most importantly, budget), there are a number of Tactiq alternatives for you to consider. I've done extensive testing on the best Tactiq alternatives that basically do everything that you might expect from an AI meeting assistant. After a week-long testing on 20+ apps, here are my 5 top picks.

What is Tactiq? 

Tactiq AI meeting assistantTactiq is an AI meeting assistant for Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams that takes care of literally every aspect of note-taking during online meetings. It delivers a clean transcript at the end of the meeting so all the team members can review the discussion and even keep the important notes handy for the future. 

It has an intuitive dashboard that even helps you generate actionable insights from the meetings in just a single click. While Tactiq offers a free forever plan, it is limited to only 10 free transcriptions per month. If that sounds like a lot less — or you want to try another AI meeting assistant — you might need to look for some Tactiq alternatives

What Makes a Good Tactiq Alternative? 

There are many great AI meeting assistants on the market, but not all of them come close to rivaling Tactiq for every transcription need. Here are the criteria I used to test and choose some of the best Tactiq alternatives out there. 

  • Clean and User-Friendly Interface: I was looking for a Tactiq alternative that has a clean and uncluttered interface. It should make the overall speech-to-text process easy — even for beginners. 

  • Value for Money: The cost of AI meeting assistants should directly depend on the features offered. For example, I included largely meeting-focused AI transcription apps that do not charge more than $40/user/month. 

  • Integrations: I prioritized Tactiq alternatives that can integrate well with many third-party applications, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Drive, and more. 

  • AI Transcription: Every app I tested and included in this list offers automated transcription that's easy, fast, and convenient. While a human transcription service can be a great add-on feature, it is useful for industries with a lot of technical jargon. 

List of 5 Best Tactiq Alternatives 

The apps on this list are truly designed to transcribe virtual meetings. I put several dozen of the best-rated Tactiq alternatives to test, and these were the five that impressed me the most. 

#1 Notta: Best For Recording, Transcribing, & Summarizing Meetings

Notta AI transcription toolIf you're looking to record, transcribe, and summarize audio/video files or live virtual meetings, you might need a dedicated AI transcription tool like Notta. It is a great choice for transcribing interviews, podcasts, and YouTube videos, with an accuracy rate of 98.86%. 

For small to large teams, the Notta AI transcription tool can be a sensible choice as it brings together speed and accuracy. Just like Tactiq, it integrates with many video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to record, transcribe, and summarize conversations. 


  • Both the meeting transcription and summarization features are great. 

  • It comes with a generous free forever plan. 

  • Unlike Tactiq, Notta helps you record audio or video — which can then be transcribed into text. 


  • You'll need a paid plan to use advanced features like transcript translation. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $14.99/user/month

  • Business Plan: $27.99/user/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

Record, Transcribe & Summarize Audio & Video in Seconds

Try Notta - the best online transcription & summarization tool. Transcribe and summarize your conversations and meetings quickly with high accuracy.

#2 Fathom: Best For Generating & Syncing Notes to CRM

Fathom AI meeting assistantFathom is a free Tactiq meeting transcript alternative that can record, transcribe, highlight, and even summarize meetings in minutes. It integrates well with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet — and once the meeting transcription is ready, Fathom sends it directly to the CRM of your choice. If you need a free AI meeting assistant that does not come with a lot of advanced features, then Fathom might seem a great option. 


  • Fathom supports 7 languages, including English, French, Spanish, and German.

  • It offers a generous free version to transcribe all the meetings.

  • You can directly copy and paste fully-formatted content from Fathom to any Gmail, Google Docs, or Task Manager. 


  • There are some quirks when transcribing Microsoft Teams or Google Meet conversations. 

  • It might not be ideal for professionals or teams. 

  • The transcripts might not be 100% accurate.


  • Free Plan 

  • Team Edition

    • Standard Plan: $32/user/month

    • Pro Plan: $39/user/month

#3 tl;dv: Best For Generating Transcript Excerpts 

tl;dv meeting recorder and transcribertl;dv is a Tactiq transcription alternative that focuses on recording, transcribing, and summarizing calls in minutes. One of the mind-blowing features of tl;dv is its AI-powered search feature that scans the content and provides a detailed breakdown of meetings that matches the entered search term. If that feels lengthy, tl;dv can summarize the results with the help of AI. 


  • tl;dv supports over 30 transcription languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindi, English, and Dutch.

  • There's an Ask AI feature to search call moments with specific keywords. 

  • It can integrate with many popular third-party apps like Slack, HubSpot, Google Docs, and Notion. 


  • tl;dv does not automatically start recording or transcribing meetings. 

  • The paid plans of tl;dv are more expensive compared to other AI meeting assistants in this list. 

  • Currently, it does not offer Webex integration. 


  • Free Plan 

  • Pro Plan: $25/user/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales

#4 Grain: Best For Creating Clips From Meetings 

Grain conversation intelligence softwareGrain is more of a conversation intelligence platform rather than only an AI meeting assistant. It can automate note-taking and record-keeping — so you can focus more on what's being said in the meeting. While Tactiq has similar features, I found Grain much more intuitive and smoother — especially for creating meeting clips. Grain also creates decent AI summaries of calls, so you don't have to read the entire transcript. 


  • Grain can automatically join meetings to record and transcribe all the conversations. 

  • It also has a time-stamped notes feature.

  • You can create AI-powered follow-up emails with just a click.


  • Grain's paid plans are more expensive than many other options available out there. 

  • The free plan does not include all the features. 

  • It might not be ideal if you are looking for a basic AI transcription tool. 


  • Basic Plan: $0

  • Starter Plan: $19/user/month

  • Business Plan: $39/user/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact Sales 

#5 Loopin: Best For Customer-Facing Teams 

Loopin AI meeting assistantLoopin is a great Tactiq transcription alternative that can transcribe meeting recordings and even generate meeting minutes. Once the transcript and summary are ready, you can share them with your team members on Slack or Notion. There's an Ask Loopin AI feature available to get instant answers to transcript-related questions. 


  • It's more geared towards creating concise meeting summaries and automated recaps. 

  • You can quickly share meeting notes with team members.

  • It integrates with popular video conferencing platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. 


  • The free plan is limited in features and may not be ideal for professionals. 

  • It only supports Google Workspace accounts. 

  • The generated summaries sometimes miss important details. 


  • Free Plan

  • Pro Plan: $15/month

  • AI Plan: $24/month

  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing

Alternatives To Tactiq: At a Glance 

I've done head-to-head comparisons of Tactiq and other related AI meeting assistants to help you make the best choice that best fits your specific needs. Here's how they stack up.

Platform Price Top Feature(s) Best For
Notta Free plan
Paid plans from $14.99 per user per month
Real-time transcriptions, translations, and summarizations. Recording, transcribing, and summarizing audio and video files with a high accuracy.
Fathom Free plan
Team Edition from $32 to $39 per user per month
CRM integration and multilingual transcriptions. Generating and syncing notes to CRM.
tl;dv Free plan
Paid plan costs $25 per user per month
Ask AI and AI-powered search. Generating transcript excerpts.
Grain Basic free plan
Paid plan from $19 to $39 per user per month
AI-powered follow-up emails and AI summaries. Meeting clips.
Loopin Free plan
Paid plan from $15 to $24 per month
Meeting summaries and automated recaps. Customer-facing teams.


Does Tactiq work on Zoom? 

Yes, Tactiq can integrate well with the popular video conferencing tool Zoom. Whenever you attend a Zoom meeting, you'll see a Tactiq widget that can be expanded to view the entire transcript. All these transcripts can be automatically saved to your Google Drive account. 

Does Tactiq record audio? 

Tactiq does not record audio or video, but it can transcribe Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings with just a few clicks. If you want to record audio and then convert the words into text, you'll need to consider a Tactiq alternative like Notta. 

Which Tactiq Alternative Should You Use? 

When considering a Tactiq alternative, it's helpful to check what kind of features it offers. The best Tactiq transcription alternative will vary depending on your transcription requirements, the level of accuracy you need, and, most importantly, your budget. Most of the AI meeting assistants in this list have free plans — so test a few and pick the one that aligns with your needs. If you want a decent AI transcription tool that works well and provides many advanced features at an affordable price, you may consider checking out Notta!